Thursday, 18 April 2013

What Can YOU Do to contribute towards WORLD INSPIRATION DAY? Here are a FEW IDEAS!

While food is the daily dose for our physical body, inspiration is the daily dose for our soul. The moment people think about inspiration they surmise it to be the asset of only those who can make big things like revolutions happen which is the biggest misconception of the world today. 

Inspiration lies and gets transferred in the simple small acts of our daily life that are worthy of appreciation. Hence let’s cruise through those simple forms of action which can equip us to celebrate the occasion of the WORLD INSPIRATION DAY on April 23rd -
  •           Smile to start with. Have a smile throughout the day that can spread the symbol of happiness among everyone since the goal of inspiration is to achieve happiness
  •           Be energetic and enthusiastic and make people around you feel that they can also be the same
  •           The uncommon and unique way of wishing Happy World Inspiration Day shall by a punch of fists of each other. Wish everyone with this out of the box fashion and surprise them
  •           Make sure to appreciate at least one good thing in every one you come across
  •           Read an inspirational auto/biography and share with friends and family
  •           Spread the message of education and inspiration among the less knowledgeable in your surroundings
  •           Share inspirational messages and anecdotes or any inspiring act of yours on twitter with hash tag #WID. You can even share your posts on facebook with the hash tag #WID
  •           Develop a new habit that can empower you
  •           Gift an inspiring book to your acquaintance
  •           Let go of your ego and confess your mistake
  •           Begin or do something that you have never done but always dreamt of doing
  •           Wear a T-shirt displaying an inspiring message
  •           Conquer at least one fear of yours which has been haunting you all this while
  •           You can even be a part of different inspiring acts of kindness
  •           You can take up worthy challenging tasks that can reach and impact more number of people like: create an event for a group of people and invite inspirational personalities to take a session. 
  • organize a game for fund raising. 
  • Go to different institutions and spread the message of World Inspiration Day. 
  • Start a social entrepreneurship venture or project or a business plan that you had always stopped yourself from starting and a lot more.
World Inspiration Day! You may have more ideas and more unique ones, please do share them here in Comments

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