Thursday, 18 April 2013


Every nation around the world has a national flag that symbolizes that particular country and its ideologies. 

Every organization around the globe has a logo that represents the concept and belief systems of the founders. Every special day of the year is attached with a symbol that carves its remembrance in the minds of the people. Likewise we ie., team IU (Inspiration Unlimited) believed that there should be a symbolic representation for the World Inspiration Day as well. Hence we came up with the logo that has our philosophies in every layer of it.

The logo starts with pitch black colour at the bottom. Black colour indicates darkness and every one of us initially are in the world of problems and commotions that fill darkness in our lives. Lots of people are chained in this level of negative emotions and are struggling to get out of there. While people are spending their lives fighting through the hurdles of life, they have to rise to the next level of challenging.

The next level is represented by the blue colour which tells us that people have to swim across the oceans of troubles to reach age of prosperity. This ocean is huge and vast and shall take every ounce of effort from us. Blue colour symbolizes water that has the power of purification. Only after a man passes through this layer of purification of his soul can he reach the next level.

The level above blue layer is a layer of grey. Man is rubbed against all troubles of life and tested to the core to see if he can come out successful. Battling through all these, he has to walk on stones of fire while every effort of his is burning into ashes with a hope to find his destiny. In due course, he might find himself melting into ashes. That’s the time to rise from the ashes like a phoenix into the higher level of purity and prosperity.

Hence the next layer is white in colour to indicate the highest level of life which symbolizes total absence of inequality because the colour white is a combination of all different colours. At this level everyone is at the same level of purity of soul and prosperity of life.

Happy World Inspiration Day. For any queries feel free to comment here! Thank you.

Frequently Asked Question's

1. Why should I support World Inspiration Day?

Every person born on this planet is liable for the happiness of the others. Just like we enjoy the fruits of the works of our ancestors and civilizations, we should support every cause that can benefit the society around us and in the modern day definition society means the globe. Hence each one of us should support such global initiatives and take part in global celebrations.

2. I am student and busy with exams on April 23rd but want to be a part of the celebrations. How can I?
There are simple ways of celebrating World Inspiration Day listed in the link such as smiling throughout the day, wishing everyone you meet energetically etc. You can takethe ideas from this link.

3. I am busy with my office work on April 23rd but want to celebrate World Inspiration Day. How can I?
You don’t have to sacrifice something to gain something, you just have to manage. You can just spread the message of World Inspiration Day through your energetic wishes and smiling faces. You can add the hash tag #WID with all your posts and tweets if you’re attached to social media. You can take up any activity as described in the link and do it within one week of World Inspiration Day marking your support for the same.

4. I don’t have anyone to support me. What can I do alone?
Man was never promised to receive all the support of the world though he is lucky enough in most cases. Our dreams can be fulfilled only by our very own efforts. The dreamers have always dreamt and the universe has sanctioned their requests and turned them into reality. Likewise you can start your work all alone with your vision in your eyes and the universe shall send the workforce behind you. IU ( shall always be happy to help you if the need arises.

5. I don’t have money to contribute. Can I celebrate WID (World Inspiration day) without spending money?
If money was the root of all work then lot of things would have remained undone on this planet. Beyond money there is something called as service. Service to mankind is the highest level of contribution that can pay tribute to the celebrations of WID.
If you have more questions share them in comments here! we will be glad to clear them, if that inspires you!

Small Inspiring Acts Of Kindness: the ones that are easy to do but difficult to forget!

Generosity is the greatest act of kindness and inspiration is the biggest booster even behind these acts of kindness such as:

  • Donate a home cooked fresh and hot meal to a needy person whom you find on the street
  • Teach an illiterate how to read write the alphabets of a language
  • Help an old person or blind to cross a road
  • Donate blood
  • Appreciate traffic police
  • Serve your parents(help your mom to take rest while you prepare the meal, massage your parents legs before they go to sleep etc)
  • Visit an orphanage or an old age home and share some time with people over there
  • Donate candles and match box for people who live in darkness
  • Make donations to charity and involve in a nearby community project.

What Can YOU Do to contribute towards WORLD INSPIRATION DAY? Here are a FEW IDEAS!

While food is the daily dose for our physical body, inspiration is the daily dose for our soul. The moment people think about inspiration they surmise it to be the asset of only those who can make big things like revolutions happen which is the biggest misconception of the world today. 

Inspiration lies and gets transferred in the simple small acts of our daily life that are worthy of appreciation. Hence let’s cruise through those simple forms of action which can equip us to celebrate the occasion of the WORLD INSPIRATION DAY on April 23rd -
  •           Smile to start with. Have a smile throughout the day that can spread the symbol of happiness among everyone since the goal of inspiration is to achieve happiness
  •           Be energetic and enthusiastic and make people around you feel that they can also be the same
  •           The uncommon and unique way of wishing Happy World Inspiration Day shall by a punch of fists of each other. Wish everyone with this out of the box fashion and surprise them
  •           Make sure to appreciate at least one good thing in every one you come across
  •           Read an inspirational auto/biography and share with friends and family
  •           Spread the message of education and inspiration among the less knowledgeable in your surroundings
  •           Share inspirational messages and anecdotes or any inspiring act of yours on twitter with hash tag #WID. You can even share your posts on facebook with the hash tag #WID
  •           Develop a new habit that can empower you
  •           Gift an inspiring book to your acquaintance
  •           Let go of your ego and confess your mistake
  •           Begin or do something that you have never done but always dreamt of doing
  •           Wear a T-shirt displaying an inspiring message
  •           Conquer at least one fear of yours which has been haunting you all this while
  •           You can even be a part of different inspiring acts of kindness
  •           You can take up worthy challenging tasks that can reach and impact more number of people like: create an event for a group of people and invite inspirational personalities to take a session. 
  • organize a game for fund raising. 
  • Go to different institutions and spread the message of World Inspiration Day. 
  • Start a social entrepreneurship venture or project or a business plan that you had always stopped yourself from starting and a lot more.
World Inspiration Day! You may have more ideas and more unique ones, please do share them here in Comments


Lots of them all over the globe are curious to know the origin and source of this WORLD INSPIRATION DAY. 

This significant day was born to the dream of a team which gave birth to the company, Inspiration Unlimited (IU) in Bangalore, India. This visionary company was born with a mission to spread inspiration in the world through all the means and channels possible. As the influence of the company grew far and wide across the globe touching the lives of millions and bringing about a massive positive change in their lives, it gave birth to the need to set aside a day exclusively to celebrate Inspiration. To fulfill this need of the world, Inspiration Unlimited gifted the world on their anniversary the iconic day named WORLD INSPIRATION DAY. 

Just like how Global Entrepreneurship Congress came into existence backed up by Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation and gave birth to Global Entrepreneurship Week which has sent ripples across the globe in the field of entrepreneurship, we believe that World Inspiration Day shall be the reason for the widespread fire of massive inspiration in the world, as we are already humbled by the support of international organizations such as WorldMERIT, Smaller Earth, Camp leaders and many more even before the moment of celebration.


The world has 365 days of a year to cherish every emotion possible. Still people have assigned certain specific days for celebrating special occasions. Different countries celebrate their independence days, republic days and region specific functions on particular days. However as a global audience all of us celebrate those days that are common to the entire world which influence every human being because all homo-sapiens share the same set of feelings and emotions. 

When there can be a day to express Love to your Love on the occasion of Valentine's day, a day to express love towards your mother on the occasion of Mother's day, a day to celebrate Christmas, a day to mark international Human Rights, a day for women, a day to spread awareness about AIDS, a day to celebrate Merit (June 30) then there must be a day to share a message of inspiration, to do something inspiring, to make inspiring things happen, to energize others and that day is termed and celebrated as WORLD INSPIRATION DAY on 23rd of April every year! It was the day Inspiration Unlimited Vision was first conceived.

Life is a roller-coaster ride for every one of us. No one loves to suffer, yet all of us are made to, sometimes either due to the mistakes of self while other times due to the errors of the environment. Problems and hurdles are the part and parcel of the game called LIFE. No matter what, each one of us has to battle through the setbacks and failures to realize the highest purpose of our lives. There are those lucky few out there who bounce back after every boulder of uncertainty strikes them and leaves them shattered. They are the real leaders who go on to lead the globe. However, the majority who stay shattered could have reached the light at the end of the tunnel, courtesy, a little Inspiration. While they are being hit by the avalanche of issues of life, there needs to be hope and scope to uplift their lives and this can happen only when there is a possibility of solutions. The foundation of this possibility is inspiration. If people aren't inspired action doesn’t happen. Hence, inspiration is a must.

Amidst the countless number of problems that are thumping down the spirit of living itself amongst people, it has become the ultimate necessity to reawaken the energy of life in the world. Though it’s believed that people need to be energetic, enthusiastic, motivated and inspired throughout the year, not everyone can be, courtesy, the energy sapping nature of people around us. Hence, to respect and celebrate that day of the year that can trigger the inspiration to sustain the optimism and fighting spirit throughout and make it memorable, enters into the records of world history a day named as WORLD INSPIRATION DAY on 23rd of April.

This day shall remark the day responsible to pay homage to all those industrious people who have left a legacy of inspiration for each one of us alive to follow. This day shall be the standing ovation to all those world leaders who are inspiring stories that inspire their contemporaries. This day shall serve as the womb to all those inspirational legends of the future, who will decide and take immediate action to lead an empowering life influencing and inspiring the masses around.

To commemorate the victories of the past, celebrate the achievements of the present and cherish the visions of the future, we shall celebrate the WORLD INSPIRATION DAY on 23rd of April every year. This day embarks the significance of the requirement of inspiration in every arena of life. This day gives a chance to every person of the globe to blink at all the pressures of life and wink away into the era of inspiration. Every one of us has the right to live a fulfilling life and accomplish all our dreams, goals and visions. Each one of us has the right to stay inspired. Let’s celebrate the WORLD INSPIRATION DAY to awaken the dreamer in us who shall walk every extra mile possible to make this world truly a better place to live in.

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